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MOST IF NOT ALL CONTENT HERE WILL BE NSFW. I used to be meditate-or-masturbate / prince-t0ny on Tumblr.
If you're a minor, or you're into CGL/DDLG or something like that, then go away.

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I Have Too Many Ships And Not Enough Ideas, Help Me Out

Posted by PrinceTony - 1 month ago


Basically I've been wanting to draw NSFW stuff for a while but I can't think of shit so I'm just going to share the characters I like and ship and hope that somebody likes them enough to give me an idea?

I'm going to try and TL;DR the linked post the best I can.

These are all GTA IV/TBoGT and Dead Rising 1/2/CW/OTR Characters (and Gay Tony and English Dave from GTA Online).

Might take a while because life is kicking my ass

I'll decline if it makes me uncomfortable, if it's something ultimately harmless then it's nothing against you, I will let you know.

I will ABSOLUTELY NOT DO incest, "dubcon"/"noncon", cg/l (aka dd/lg), race fetishes, etc. I'll just straight up ignore these.

Read the "------My Ships------" and "------I MIGHT Draw Something Involving..." headers in the link for... well... my ships... and characters I MIGHT draw if I like the scenario enough. You can also pluck any individual characters from the ships list, and request them solo or even mix and match characters if you want because there's definitely other combos I listed that I also like, as long as it's not a combination I say no to:

I won't do: Tony X Evan (TBoGT)(BIG NOPE), Tony X Luis (TBoGT)(I don't HATE the ship, nothing against you, I'm just not into it), Crossing over Dead Rising with GTA (not for now at least), Joni X Somebody that's not Luis (TBoGT)(personal preference, nothing against you. Might make an exception for her with Henrique, Armando, or Dessie if I like the scenario enough)

So yeah this is kind of a weird and specific beg for requests but I'm tired of getting a burst of motivation and wanting to draw my ships or favorite characters only to not be able to figure out what to even draw them doing.

Oh and I forgot to bring this up on the Waterfall post but I would especially like requests for Tony X Yusuf or really just anything involving Gay Tony (either one of his appearances). I mean my username is PrinceTony for a reason.